During a historically short period, photography conquered many areas of reportage, documentation, advertising, and contemporary art. In many respects, photography transgressed boundaries and surpassed standards. At the same time, the reference to the photographic process persists. Vantage point, framing, moment – the photographical in photography. Complex conceptual work in particular is in need of readable forms to ensure communication and a long-lasting impact. Darmstadt Days of Photography wish to draw attention to this central characteristic of the photographic medium.

Focus of the exhibition at Designhaus Hessen

The annual topic will be the focus of an exhibition taking place at Designhaus Hessen, where conceptual works as well as documentary works by renowned international artists selected by the team of curators will be on display. On occasion of the anniversary edition, for the first time, the exhibition will be on view for two weeks until May 6, 2018.

With Mandy Barker, Norman Behrendt, Nancy Borowick, Daniel W. Coburn, Cortis & Sonderegger, Grey Crawford, Geert Goiris, Jiang Jian, Katrin KoenningNico Krebs & Taiyo Onorato, Akihiko Miyoshi, Barbara Probst, Frank Schinski und Alp Sime.

Program in the competition section

The competition is the central exhibition program of Darmstadt Days of Photography. Responding to a public call, around 380 photographers submitted their portfolio on the festival’s topic. The call for the public competition was issued in Summer 2017, the jury session took place in December 2017, during which the 27 positions presented during Darmstadt Days of Photography were selected:

Jessica Backhaus, Hanna Becker*, Tobias Becker, Svetlana Biryukova, Philipp Böll, Michael Danner, Lia Darjes, Louis De Belle, Felix Dobbert, Gabriele Engelhardt, Sibylle Feucht, Daniela Friebel, Katharina Gruzei, Nele Gülck, Ulrike Hannemann, Jana Hartmann, Dennis Haustein, Holger Jenss, Jiwon Kim, Nora Klein, Katia Klose-Soltau, Karolin Klüppel, Silke Koch, Karsten Kronas, Brigitte Lustenberger*, Sophie Meuresch, Vincenzo Pagliuca, Michael Schmid*, Mirène Schmitz, Simon Schnelle, Sonja Stadelmaier, Nils Stelte, Daniel Stier, Katrin Streicher, Anna Tiessen, Hannes Wiedemann, Cemre Yesil & Maria Sturm und Robert Schittko.

* Nominees for the Merck-Prize

The program for the entire festival is compiled by the four initiators of Darmstadt Days of Photography, Alexandra Lechner, Albrecht Haag, Gregor Schuster and Rüdiger Dunker, as well as by curator Ute Noll (on-photography.com →) and Prof. Dr. Kris Scholz of h_da (Hochschule Darmstadt).