Annual topic 2020

»Bizarre Escapes – Humour in Photography«

Humour and photography have more aspects in common than it might seem at first glance. Both of them probe the status quo, exaggerate events and process experiences from a specifically selected point of view. With carefully set precision, photography employs odd perspectives in order to visualize the world we live in as concentrated moments or by means of unconventional staging of events.

Humour charmingly takes a look at the everyday, sketching its opposite with a slightly displaced gaze, playing with superficial associations – and causing things below the surface to flare up. Humour or satire in the image are able to visualize comical situations, surprising turns and unexpected contradictions. The distanced or displaced mode of contemplation conveys new perspectives to us – and ideally, societal action can be derived from the unexpected findings. At all events, these findings make the gravity of life more bearable and query our attitudes, values and prejudices. We look for images and series that seriously and/or comically reveal to us new viewpoints and positions.